Radio Summer is a new shortwave station

Hello dear friends! this is Radio Summer. We are operators from Poland. As a child, we dreamed of establishing our own shortwave radio station. We are the first to reactivate short waves in Poland. Radio Summer is not only supposed to be a radio that broadcasts, but also listens, so we focus on co-creating the entire program by the audience - not only in separate bands. The listener will be present on the air all the time, the radio will be interactive. Contact with the listener will be made not only via traditional mail or telephone, but also via instant messaging and social media. People from Poland and abroad will be invited to co-create their own programs. We all care about creating a good radio. So we need to check if we can financially manage this project. According to our calculations, we will need 80,000 euros. If we manage to collect this amount, we will start our business. What do we need resources for? - Purchase of professional equipment that will enable the production and broadcasting of the program. - renting a place where the entire team will work. -we have to pay the fee for playing music to ZAIKS, STOART, ZPAV - a radio license because it is needed in our country. What we will offer as a broadcasting station: ambitious music, fascinating programs and the possibility of renting airtime for your own program. Please help and donate funds for our project. We bow down low and thank everyone in advance.